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36th Street Dental | Intraoral Camera in St Louis Park

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Intraoral Camera




We want you to see what we see.  The intra-oral camera is the primary tool we use at our office to show you what is going on in your mouth.  Diagnosing decay, wear, and cracked teeth is all visual.  You will find it very easy to see and understand.  Seeing is believing!

If you so chose we can also take a picture and email it to you so you can show a spouse or significant other why we are recommending certain procedures.  We do this as a courtesy to our patients as we know most are not excited to come into our office and let us fix there teeth and are less excited about the bill to follow.  We at 36th Street Dental are commited to helping make the best decisions whatever that may be.

36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN

I have how many Cavities?  I see this from time to time where someone has been going to another dentist who for whatever reason didn't like telling people they have problems.  The above patient had 11 cavities.  She origionally did not believe me, but once I educated her and showed her what to look for and what cavities look like she became a patient for life.  

36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN
36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN

This pateint had never had a filling.  She reluctantly let me fill it and in doing so I was able to take pictures to show her that sealants that have shadows around them have shadows for a reason.  Cavities are like pot holes.  The top of the tooth can look okay but after we open it up we can see the destruction taking place.  The normal color of dentin or the inside of the tooth should be yellow.

St Louis Park Dentist | Intraoral Camera. Ryan Dunlavey is a St Louis Park Dentist.