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 Why do I need a Crown?

The quick answer is to hold what is left of your tooth together.   We will provide the long answer at the bottom of the page.  We do not believe in the up selling of our dentistry!   Some practices will charge you up to $250 extra for the crowns that most patients want (Metal free Crowns).  We see this as unfair as the lab bill for these crowns are now significantly less than a crown that has a metal in it  For this reason all porcelain crowns (metal free) are $985 while full gold and porcelain fused to metal are the same at $1200 because of the significantly higher lab bill.   We pass the savings in lab bill onto our patients while most offices use it as a tool to up sell dentistry thus costing the patient more.

  We at 36th Street Dental provide three different types of crowns.

  All Porcelain (Emax, Lava, Bruxzir)

  Porcelain Fused to Metal

  Full Gold


Advantages and Disadvantages of Each:

- All Porcelain crowns have no metal in them so cosmetically they look the best!  With new advances in technology they have become substantially stronger than in the past.   We currently use all porcelain for 80% of crowns done here and have not seen a breakage since new technology implemented seven years ago.  All porcelain crowns have an extremely low incidence of allergy.

- Porcelain fused to metal crowns have been used for over 25 years.  The biggest advantage to these crowns is the strength of the metal under the porcelain for added strength.  We do see breakage of these crowns periodically and have seen people allergic to the metal in the crown.  Cosmetically this type of crown looks okay but the risk of seeing the black line around the crown is reason enough for us to persuade people away from this type of crown near the front of the mouth.

-The full gold crown will last you the longest.  It is proven study after study.  We still sometimes recommend this type of crown in the back of the mouth if the patient has a history of breaking other crowns or wants a crown that will last the longest.  We have not seen a allergic reaction to a gold crown and there is no reason it would break as it is all metal.



36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN

All Porcelain Crowns (Bonding as Well)


36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN

All Porcelain Crowns and Veneers on front four teeth

The Process of a crown

The first appointment the tooth will be prepped which means removing all decay and doing a filling if needed this will take about an hour.  An impression will be taken and temporary crown made.  You will come back 2 weeks later, again have anesthesia and cement the crown as long as the fit is good, bite is perfect, and color matches the other teeth.  The second appointment will take about 30 minutes.

The long version....
People need crowns for a variety of reasons.  Your tooth may have a crack in it, there might not be enough supporting structure left to withstand chewing, or it may look better than doing a large filling.  When we get cavities the supporting part of the tooth structure is what is affected, it is called dentin.  The less dentin you have the more likely the outside part of the tooth (enamel) will become cracked, as the inside (dentin) supports the outside (enamel).  If you have large fillings in teeth and/or you grind your  teeth, teeth can crack or split and become painful.  If  a tooth splits it  will need to be removed.  If it is painful to biting your tooth may need a root canal to rid of the pain.  It is for these two reasons we try to get crowns on teeth at the first signs of cracking while the patient is pain free!  Most have heard heard horror stories of having a crown and the tooth hurts to chewing after.  This is simply a problem with waiting too long to get the crown on the tooth.   Here are some photos of crowns, cracked teeth, and split teeth so you can see with your own eyes.
36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN
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