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When a tooth is lost we have two options to replace it by a fixed method (by fixed we mean something that you cannot take out of your mouth).  One can either choose a bridge or implant.  Since you clicked on the bridge section we will explain the advantages, disadvantages, and process of how a bridge is constructed.

 A bridge is constructed by prepping the abutments (anchor teeth used to connect the space) for crowns.  After the impression is taken, we will then construct you a temporary bridge that is to mimic your final restoration.  This temporary will be used for a minimum of two weeks while the lab constructs your new bridge.
Advantages of a bridge 
  • Less costly than Implants
  • Can replace one or more teeth

Disadvantages of bridges
  • Require more rigorous homecare, including flossing under the bridged tooth
  • More torque from biting on the abutment teeth can sometimes cause the need for root canals


A note from Dr. Dunlavey.  "I think bridges are a good long term option for pateints with good homecare and heavily restoreed teeth.  Bridges are typically 40% less expensive than implants and  as of now insurance companies  are covering bridges more so than implants."


St Louis Park Dentist | Bridges. Ryan Dunlavey is a St Louis Park Dentist.