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Bonding and White Filling




Bonding or commonly called white fillings,  are used to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Bonding can be used to fill cavities, it can fill in space where there is a gap, and if done well it can give you the appearance of a new younger smile.

How does this work?  We use chemistry to physically bond to your tooth.  An adhesive gel is placed on the tooth.  It is hardened with an LED light.   The white filling is then applied and sculpted into or onto the tooth.   The same LED light is used to harden the white filling which adheres to the bond already hardened to the tooth.  The filling is then polished to give you a fresh new filling and if done on a front tooth or teeth, a new smile.

Bonding is an improvement over silver amalgam fillings. There are two reasons. The first is white fillings can be made to look like a tooth.  The second reason is we only remove the soft tooth structure and leave healthy tooth stru
cture intact.  To compare, when doing a silver filling the dentist must physically lock the filling into the tooth as there are no adhesive properties of the filling to the tooth.  This means we have to remove healthy tooth structure and have a minimal thickness of 2 millimeters so the silver filling stays in the mouth as it needs a certain thickness for its strength.   In doing a white fillings, if the cavity goes into the tooth a half of a millimeter then that is all the tooth that needs to be removed. This means less likelihood of needing crowns as there is more tooth left to help withstand the force of chewing.  For these two reasons white fillings are  superior to  silver fillings. 


With the advancements in dental technology, bonding usually lasts for over 8 years if the cavity is caught while small! This is important. As with any filling the larger the filling the less time it will last.  For this reason we usually recommend a white filling on a tooth if it is the first cavity on the tooth.  If you already have a silver filling in the tooth and need it replaced,  the only advantage of a white filling would be its appearance.  White fillings are a safe, affordable, and attractive solution for many dental problems.

36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN
Done in 2008!  (Picture taken 2012)  Two center teeth are full porcelain crowns
The teeth next to them have 1/3 of the surface bonded (White Filling)
36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN

Before and After   (That brown spot on the upper photo is decay)

36th Street Dental in St Louis Park MN
St Louis Park Dentist | Bonding and White Filling. Ryan Dunlavey is a St Louis Park Dentist.